Blissfully Beautiful to Read!

A blog review:

Sarah Shepard, an intuitive, empath, and healer; she is a Reiki Master and practitioner of many sorts. I recently stumbled upon her blog ‘Spiritual Shifts 2019‘ here on WordPress and was automatically intrigued. In her ‘About Me’ page she elaborates in great detail how she’s discovered her main purpose in her life is helping others step into their light. This characteristic welcomed me with open arms to follow and keep up with the blog itself further, so here is a small review.

Sarah Shepherd

Personally, what really caught my attention towards this blog was Sarah herself and her values. Nowadays it’s so easy for anyone to say anything on any platform, but good intentions aren’t always behind every post. Based on her introduction alone I knew Sarah was someone I trust guidance from, and was instantly curious to learn what she was ready to share. I really resonated with what she’s been through in past relationships and feeling overwhelming amount of energy. I’ve always faced similar issues growing up of absorbing the energy in the room and feeling my own being dimmed after leaving a negative space. Her journey towards healing is a work in progress for me as well and it’s inspiring to see her progress and an aspiration of mine to reach that point and be able to help others one day with my own healing experience.

Aside from Sarah as a person herself, her blog is beautifully organized and easy to navigate. There’s several categories at the top to choose readings from, which makes it simple for new readers such as myself to find specific content. She also provides several ways to reach her own personal website, Blissfully Free, similar to her blog where she offers her services such as energy readings and healing sessions. She provides her social media platforms as well to Facebook and Twitter, these are both in plain sight at the top right of the blog, so it’s an instant attention getter and easy way to find her media without sorting around too much. Scrolling down a bit, still on the right, she has a donations widget… now, I haven’t seen many of these yet so it grasped my attention instantly, as i’m sure it does to her readers.

You can follow Sarah’s blog here, if you’d like to stay updated on her journey as well. She radiates a beautiful guiding soul and in my opinion we should all go ahead and subscribe. If you know of any similar blogs, or have one yourself feel free to link me some in the comments, I’d love to support and expand my mind. Thank you for reading everyone, safe travels to you all. ❤


One thought on “Blissfully Beautiful to Read!

  1. What a beautiful link to get through! Thank you so much for sharing a review about my blog. I feel incredibly honoured and very grateful for the time and energy you put into writing this. Thank you from my heart to yours. Blessings, Sarah x

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